Lv.64 Dewgong (Water/Ice): Ice Beam, Surf, Signal Beam, Double Team

Lv.63 Cloyster (Water/Ice): Ice Beam, Surf, Supersonic, Rain Dance

Lv.63 Piloswine (Ground/Ice): Blizzard, Earthquake, Double Edge, Rock Slider

Lv.66 Jynx (Ice/Psychic): Ice Beam, Psychic, Lovely Kiss, Attract

Lv.66 Lapras (Water/Ice): Ice Beam, Surf, Psychic, Thunder


Dewgong: Leveled up by 12. Switched Hail and Safeguard for Signal Beam and Double Team.

Cloyster: Leveled up by 12. Switched all moves, for new moves.

Slowbro: Switched for Piloswine.

Jynx: Level up by 12. Switched Ice Punch and Doubleslap for Ice Beam and Psychic.

Lapras: Level up by 12. Switched Body Slam and Confuse Ray for Psychic and Thunder.


Lv.65 Steelix (Steel/Ground):

Lv.65 Hitmonchan (Fighting):

Lv.65 Hitmonlee (Fighting):

Lv.66 Steelix (Steel/Ground):

Lv.68 Machamp (Fighting):

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